The Design of 220 Design and helping the Entrepreneur the story of Andre Wilkerson

                  back in 2010, I started AW Driving school. In that time, it was very difficult to do marketing and advertising. Like others, I signed up for companies like dex media who charge me $1,100 month on average. As a small business, this was backbreaking even though it did bring in sales, it seems to only be enough to cover their outrageous monthly bill. After 6 months of hell, I came to realize the best way to go is to learn how to do web design and online marketing. As I began this journey reading design books and studying at the University of YouTube. My thoughts were the cost of SEO companies will kill me either way. So, I canceled the contract 5 months early (yes, they hit me with a $5,500 early termination bill that we fought over for 8 months) and started designing and marketing myself. In the beginning was Dreamweaver…lol this was a flat page with a lot of text and design look ok base on the experience I have at the time. Life became easy when the best designers companion came to WordPress. This made websites easy and design friendly, the possibilities to create are endless. This forced me to learn the foundation of SEO and this was a full-time job in its self.

                 This all change in 2015 – 2016 when Google made their search based on reviews then SEO…… This rocketed my business and others to the top. Just search driving school Lehigh valley on google you will see that AW Driving School is number one. I have not paid for SEO for 5 years and I love the extra $1,100 in my bank account. There are still company’s charging hundreds of dollars for that service is mind bottling to me. These companies take advantage of the business owner non-knowledge of how the system works. So, at the end of 2016, I created 220 design to help other entrepreneurs get started with a website that will drive sales, create reviews and not kill their bottom line. In 2017 web design is easy but the design eye still required a lot of studies to be great at it. Therefore, a web designer will always be needed.

                  To create a website without the knowledge of design can greatly hurt your business. Believe me, I design my own site, in the beginning, sells fell over 60%. When I studied and learn how the customer view websites and implemented changes sell increase by 80%. The design is everything if a client comes to your site and it's not to their liking they will leave to the next business who designs to their liking. I love the ideas of companies like Squarespace, they allow you to design whatever you want. Their business is awesome but not to the business owners who don’t have a clue of how design works. They sign up to build their website, then after 8 months of Google marketing wonder why their sales are dropping. The website is the problem, not your marketing. Now don’t get me wrong I see some business owner create amazing websites or hire someone from freelancer to design it for them. The point is we still need very creative web designers.

                   As a designer myself, I hope to help others with the knowledge that I learned from trial and error. So far, I help over 7 businesses and look forward to helping much more. With this company, you will always talk to me no sales person…period. But keep in mind I own a driving school, so I may not answer right away but will return all calls that day. As for the website I can have it live in 2 days if I have all the information on the site. Why $199 month you're hiring me for about $50 week. This is a steal because most web designers are $10 to $150 per hour. At this rate per month, I can update your site and add products, photos or services. Also, I build your site before you pay anything… That’s right I will build before you pay… The best part the site is yours if you cancel we will continue to host your site for $25 a year. Let's talk more, as I love to talk entrepreneurs give me a call today…In my spare time, I enjoy being a father of 2, driving my wife crazy with love...building websites and mentoring other entrepreneurs who are starting their business. 

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